About me

Hey I'm Tyler!

I'm a Dad, an auto enthusiast, a bodybuilding diehard and ultimately I'm a passionate photographer who loves creating beautiful images. Since starting my photography journey back in 2010 I have always had one goal in mind, quality. Thats exactly what you can expect when booking with me. Whether it's your wedding day, some causal portraits or a home I have the experience to handle any lighting situation with beautiful execution.


Over the years, my passion to improve and be the best I can be has brought me to areas of photography that technically challenge me in ways that I haven't been before and photographing interiors and exteriors properly is among the most challenging. I have spent thousands of hours learning the art of properly lighting as well as editing beautiful photos of any given residential or commercial property. I'm always eager to work with a local business or realtor looking to take their marketing materials to the next level.


If you're an athlete who is curious about a fitness photoshoot and wary about who to pick, I would be too! Personally, my fitness aspirations rose right along side my passion for photography and at one point claimed the title for what was most important in my life. Having a child and building a business can make you change perspectives a bit but I always find time to watch every Arnold Classic & Olympia that I can. With that being said I've always had a deep respect for the art of bodybuilding which ultimately is creating an illusion through posing, those that have worked with me can attest to the fact that I like to see what kind of poses we can come up with to show a side of your physique that you've never seen before. I'm always excited to work with a new athlete,  every physique is different and all have their strengths and weaknesses and I love figuring out the best way to highlight the former and disguise the latter! 


As an artist, I have a few general ideas when it comes to photographing different things. Weddings I approach with a photojournalistic eye, I aim to capture all the details, all the smiles, all the tears and everything in between. My wedding clients always get more than they bargained for when working with me because I feel delivering less, definitely doesn't equate to more when it comes to telling the full scope of your story and thats what I set out to do! Tell your story! 

2x 2017 AAF Bronze ADDY award recipient 

I photograph much more than what you will see here on my website, from Ferraris to families, If you have any questions about anything photography related don't hesitate to shoot me a email/text or give me a call.

Tyler@tbreedphoto.com // 513.335.7967

Also, to stay up to date on my most recent work head over to my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram at @tbreedphoto